16-Year-Old High School Student Arrested For ‘Violent Rapes’ Of Teen Classmates

A Las Vegas teen faces several charges for allegedly sexually assaulting his classmates. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, 16-year-old Maysen Melton faces two dozen felony counts, including sexual assault, first-degree kidnapping and battery with intent to commit sexual assault. He is alleged to have attacked at least four classmates while at Shadow Ridge High School. 

Chief Deputy District Attorney Kristina Rhoades said in court on Wednesday that Melton grabbed his victims and then violently attacked them. 

“This defendant, honestly, is a predator. It’s the same thing over and over. He gets these girls in these intimate situations. He pushes them on the ground, throws them on the ground, trips them onto the ground, pulls their pants down. He does not heed to any of their noes, does not heed to any of their resistance,” she told Chief District Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez.

Rhoades said the victims knew Melton, and

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