Woman Allegedly Murdered Father Before Encasing His Remains In Concrete Inside Their Home

A woman living in a Denver suburb is accused of killing her 69-year-old dad and then sealing his body up in concrete inside the crawlspace of their home.

Dayna Michele Jennings, 44, of Federal Heights is currently being held without bond, according to NBC News. She is facing charges of first-degree murder for the killing of her father William Mussack.

Mussack was reported missing three days after Christmas. Last week, his body was found encased in concrete inside a crawlspace of the home he shared with his daughter, according to an affidavit by the Federal Heights police.

The victim’s son recounted some chilling details of events that occurred in the weeks before Mussack died. Brian Mussack told police his dad texted him in early December and “described the feeling of being drugged and falling asleep in a recliner chair for 15 hours. […] He recalled taking a bite from a hamburger,

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