Mom Kills Her Two Children, Then Jumps To Her Death

Christina Treadway, a 34-year-old Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina mother, severely injurd her two children before comitting suicide. The children were pronounced dead shortly after the discovery of their mother’s body.

“She was everything that a parent would want in a daughter,” Patricia Treadway, Christina’s mother, said to WSOCTV. “She was kind. She raised her children right. Her children were her world … I’m kind of at a loss for words because she was our life.”

“We love those kids and this has by far been the worst day of my entire life,” added Grandfather Greg Moore. “This is something no parent should have to go through.”

The incident reportedly occurred on Saturday at around 5:30pm. Police had been responding to a call of a suicide when they discovered a woman’s body on the interstate. 

Officers used “key information” to trace the body back to a home on Sebastiani Drive, where the burtalized children, Iliyah

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