Man Claimed ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Host Told Him To Beat His Mother To Death

An Akron, Ohio man said that “Wheel of Fortune” inspired him to kill. According to CBS News, 48-year-old Derrick Williams said that the popular game show’s host, Pat Sajak, instructed him through a covert message to murder his elderly mother with a lead pipe.

In December 2016, Williams claimed that he was getting messages from the game show when he heard his hometown mentioned. Sajak apparently said the phrase, “Do it,” and Williams was then triggered to murder his mother.

His attorney, Brian Pierce, claimed that his client was off his medications at the time. He said that Williams has been diagnosed as having a longstanding schizoaffective disorder, according to He also suffers from depression and has delusions and paranoid thoughts.

“He is mentally ill,” Pierce explained to People. “He is delusional. We’re in Akron, Ohio, and according to my client, one of the clues on the show was

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