11-Year-Old Girl Killed By Train While Looking At Phone, Wearing Headphones

An 11-year-old Florida girl was killed by an Amtrak train on Wednesday while she was crossing the tracks, Fox News reported.

Yazmin White was walking home from a convenience store and trying to cross over the railroad tracks in Haines City, investigators said, when the conductor on the approaching train saw her. 

The conductor blew the horn and began braking the train, but Yazmin apparently did not notice the train approaching, according to Polk County detectives. 

“He continuously blew the horn for about a quarter of a mile, all the while he’s trying to stop the train,” Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said to Fox 13 News. This gave Yazmin less than 30 seconds to respond, investigators said.

The conductor said she was looking down at her phone, and evidence from after the crash showed that she was wearing headphones at the time, detectives said.

The Amtrak train, containing 12 passenger cars and

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