16-Year-Old Girl Was Sexually Assaulted, Had Head Shaved While Being Held Captive In ‘Torture Chamber’

A pair of siblings and two of their friends from Auburn, Massachusetts are accused of keeping a 16-year-old girl captive, sexually abusing her and brutalizing her with lit cigarettes and hair clippers.

The alleged hostage situation began on Christmas Day and ended two days later, according to the Boston Herald. The victim is a 16-year-old girl, a runaway from New Jersey.

Auburn Police Department Officer George Vranos discovered the teen in a basement room he called a “torture chamber.” While explaining her condition in court, Vranso fought back tears, Mass Live reported.

When the victim was found, she was bald, crying and struggled to make eye contact with police. A Christmas bag filled up with her hair was found near the teen, who was confined to a chair.

“She was looking at the floor whimpering,” Vranos recalled as he spoke in court on Wednesday.

Krystal Lugo, 23, her 19-year-old brother Christopher Lugo, Krystal’s

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