‘Dangerous’ Escaped Inmate Used Metal Rod To Break Through Two Walls And Bust Out Of Jail

Police are currently searching for Christopher Nicholas Carroll after his daring escape from a Georgia jail. He is being described as dangerous. 

According to the New York Daily News, Carroll escaped from a Lamar County jail shortly after midnight on Wednesday. Police say he broke through two walls while correctional officers thought he was taking a shower. 

“The jail called me and told me he had escaped out through the shower and then busted a hole in the wall, the outside wall that went to a storage unit,” said Sheriff Brad White. “He was small in statue [sic]. I don’t think an average sized person could have got through the holes and maneuvered the way that he did.” 

Reports indicate that Carroll used a metal rod to break the wall, then squeezed through an opening in a small storage area. He then climbed through an opening in a perimeter fence. Carroll left the premises in

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