Cops Suspended After Ignoring Request For Welfare Check Results In Murdered Pregnant Woman

Two police officers have been suspended from their positions at the New York Police Department after a pregnant woman was found murdered. The officers had been asked to check on the woman, but did not leave their cars to investigate the situation, allegedly resulting in the death. 

According to the New York Post, police received a call from the sister of 22-year-old Tonie Wells, who was concerned about the safety of her sibling, whose husband may have been putting her in considerable danger. The officers drove to the location as requested, but did not leave their vehicle to actually look into Wells’ safety. It’s unclear what they were doing instead.

“These cops completely sh*tcanned the job,” a New York Post source said. “They didn’t even go up to the house … If they did, they would have seen her.”

Wells’ body was discovered at the bottom of a basement stairwell at

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