Ronnie Lynn Gipson Tells Woman He Abused To ‘Get Over It’ – Oxygen

A woman recently reported the actions of her childhood abuser to police. The victim, who is now an active duty member of the Air Force, was encouraged by investigators to try to get a confession from her former abuser over Facebook, the Kansas City Star reported.

She reached out to Ronnie Lynn Gipson, now 45, of Arkansas over the social media platform. Gipson lived with the victim when she was a child. He allegedly raped her at that time, when the victim ranged in age from 4 to 12, the River Valley Leader reported. At that time, he allegedly asked the girl, “Do you want to play?” before he would assault her, according to the Kansas City Star.

When confronted with the years of alleged abuse, Gipson allegedly acknowledged the disturbing acts, police said. He allegedly told the woman to “get over it” and that “it’s done,”

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