A Teen YouTube Star Was Riddled With 15 Bullets After Insulting Drug Lord

A 17-year-old Mexican YouTube star was publicly shot and killed in a bar after insulting a powerful drug lord in one of his videos, The Washington Post reported.

Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales — known to his fans as “El Pirata de Culiacán,” or “The Pirate of Culiacán” — was a YouTube star who had more than a million followers on Facebook and more than 300,000 on Instagram for his videos, in which he would chug beer and whiskey to the point of intoxication despite being under Mexico’s legal drinking age of 18.

He became so famous that he began garnering cameos in music videos and at promotional events, The Washington Post reported.

In one recent boozy video, Lagunas insulted Nemesio Ocegera Cervantes, known as “El Mencho,” one of Mexico’s more notorious drug lords.

“El Mencho a mí me pela la verga” said Lagunas in the video, which loosely means “suck my c*ck.”

On Monday,

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