A Model Lost Her Leg To Toxic Shock Syndrome. Now, 5 Years Later, She Might Lose The Other One.

A model who lost her right leg to toxic shock syndrome from a tampon in 2012 may “inevitably” have to amputate her left leg due to complications from the rare disease, CBS News reports.

Lauren Wasser was only 24 when a tampon led to toxic shock syndrome apparently within a mere few hours of insertion.

According to Wasser’s account she went to a party that night and her friends told her she looked sick, so she drove home and went to bed. The next morning, she was woken up by a police officer who said that her mother had called them, worried about her.

“I remember coming to and hearing the sound of my cocker spaniel, Madison, barking out of control,” Wasser wrote in an essay for the women’s magazine InStyle. “She was trying to get me up because someone was knocking on my front door.”

She told police that she was

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