10 Disturbing Teacher-Student Sex Scandals From 2017

In theory, teachers are supposed to be role models for their students. But every week, it seems like we hear about another teacher using their power to take advantage of a student.

This year, there was no shortage of teachers who crossed professional boundaries and sexually exploited minors. So, we rounded up some of the worst teacher scandals of 2017. 

1. Tad Cummins

This was one of the most infamous teacher-student scandals this year. On March 13, high school student Elizabeth Thomas was allegedly kidnapped by her former 50-year-old teacher, according to NBC News. What came next was a national manhunt. 

After over a month on the run, the pair were found at a remote cabin in northern California. Apparently, before the two allegedly ran off, an attorney for the Thomas family revealed on Crime Stories podcast that the 15-year-old girl’s relationship with the teacher was an open secret. They were

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