Woman Arrested After 6-Year-Old Disabled Son Found Weighing Only 13 Pounds

A 6-year-old boy with developmental disabilities has been found living in a hotel covered in bruises and bed sores and weighing only 13 pounds. According to Fox13 Memphis, the Department of Children Services (DCS) had been looking for the boy’s mother, Andrea Caldwell, and her two sons for over eight months. Upon discovering them in a Memphis, Tennessee hotel room last week, DCS took away both of 32-year-old Caldwell’s children: the 6-year-old and a 4-year-old.

A DSC worker claimed the boy’s feeding tube was “dirty and clogged, and did not appear to be operable.” In addition to that, Caldwell was allegedly feeding the child baby formula, which did not meet his nutritional needs. Police said she was given free nutritional materials by social services, designed for the child’s needs, but that Caldwell failed to use them, Fox 13 Memphis reported.

The child also allegedly smelled of urine and he

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