Man Accused Of Murdering Girlfriend’s Molester Says He’s ‘Not Sorry’

A Louisiana man admitted to killing his girlfriend’s convicted molester while being interviewed by a detective days after the murder, as shown in a tape of the interview that was played in the alleged killer’s trial.

Jace Crehan, 23, admitted to the killing of Robert Noce Jr., 47, on July 4, 2015—just thirteen days after Noce pleaded no contest to a charge of sexually molesting Brittany Monk, 20, when she was a child and Noce was dating her mother, The Advocate reported.

Noce avoided jail time for the molestation, instead being placed on probation for five years.

In the video, Crehan said that he killed Noce inside his trailer, but he initially said that Monk was not present at the scene of the crime. 

The detective then told him that Monk’s DNA was located at the scene, and Crehan said that Monk was there, but had not taken part in the assault leading

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