Friend Of McDonald’s Employee Allegedly Attacks Customer Over Fresh Bacon Dispute

A friend of a McDonald’s employee allegedly beat up a customer on Thursday after they complained that the bacon in their sandwich wasn’t fresh. The incident took place under some golden arches in Golden Gate, Florida.

A woman who had ordered food through the fast food restaurants drive-thru walked into the store to complain about the bacon in her sandwich.  According to a police report from the  Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the customer said she was a former employee of the chain and said she knows what fresh McDonald’s bacon is supposed to look like. The restaurant maintained that the bacon was fresh, but the customer did not agree.

The conversation apparently enraged another customer who was inside the restaurant. Widna St. Jean, 24, started arguing with the woman. Jean’s friend was one of the McDonald employees that the unhappy customer was complaining to, and according to KTLA 5, St.Jean

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