Man Arrested For Allegedly Posing As Uber Driving And Holding College Women Against Their Will

Police have apprehended Miami resident Farris Kaloti, who allegedly pretended to be an Uber driver and lured women into his car, where he kept them captive.

According to The State, Kaloti was arrested on outstanding warrants, one for assault and the other for domestic violence, both unrelated to his most recent offenses.

Kaloti had been allegedly offering rides to female University of South Carolina students, but took them to unwanted locations and refused to let them leave, pulling them back into the car. Two women reported such incidents to police. One of the women went to a hospital following the incident, where she was treated for minor injuries to her leg.

Police arrested Kaloti after a detective and resident recognized him as a frequent shopper of a local Whole Foods, later stopping him for a traffic violation.

“The reason that police acted immediately is because they wanted to protect the public in case he did

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