27-Year-Old Man Accused Of Shooting 16-Year-Old And Leaving Her In A Burning Car After She Threatened To …

A teenage girl was found dead inside a burning car on Monday in Waterbury, Connecticut. Now, the vehicle’s driver is accused of shooting her three times before the car went up in flames.

Bail was set at $3 million for 27-year-old Dominique Pittman during a Wednesday arraignment. “The state alleges the defendant committed a vicious murder of a 16-year-old,” Waterbury State’s Attorney Maureen Platt said during the hearing, according to the Hartford Courant.

That 16-year-old was Evalyce Santiago and according to People, she was shot twice in the head and once in her hand. Police found her inside Pittman’s car, which was up in flames on a home’s lawn after a single-car collision. Also discovered inside the car: a .357-caliber handgun.

Pittman, a father of three, suffered minor injuries in the crash. In court, Platt explained that Pittman “attempted to mislead police, stating a third person was responsible for the murder.”


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