Teen Mother Arrested After Posting Facebook Photo Of 6-Month-Old …

A teen mother from San Diego allegedly uploaded a disturbing photo to Facebook of her 6-month-old baby brandishing a knife, which was nearly as big as the child’s arm. She also reportedly posted a video that showed her crying baby being repeatedly smacked in the head.

Fellow Facebook users who watched the upsetting footage immediately alerted police, and Jowi Victoria Morales, 18, was arrested last Thursday for outstanding domestic violence charges. It is unclear if the assault is being conducted by Morales or another person, and it is unknown if the charges are related to this incident.

“Very, very, very sad,” neighbor Guillermina Contreras told NBC7. “I do know that in that house there was trouble.”

The Child Abuse and Domestic Violence investigators are reportedly looking into this case. According to Fox5 San Diego, the child has not suffered any injuries.  

Ashley Butcher was one of the Facebook users who was in shock

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