Police: Three Alleged Gang Members May Have Been Involved In More Than 10 Murders

Police believe that three men from Kansas City, Missouri who were arrested last week may have been involved in over ten murders in addition to other violence.

Chrizion Banks, 20, Trevontae Stewart, 24, and Cedric Ford, 28 are suspected of a variety of charges. Stewart and Ford have been charged with owning illegal firearms, according to KSHB. Banks has been charged with robbery.

Capt. Chris Young with the Violent Crimes Enforcement Division told KCTV: “These individuals are involved in numerous robberies, numerous shootings. They’re wrapped up in numerous homicide investigations as well. These guys have been able to avoid the police and charges for some time now. I mean, the bottom line is they intimidate their witnesses and the victims of the crimes they commit.”

Young did not specify any of the details of the homicides. The trio all allegedly members of the  “Young Hitters” gang. They were all listed on

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