Cop Brings KY Jelly To Confront Man Who Almost Killed Him: ‘I Brought A Little Gift For You’

A Florida police officer confronted the man who nearly killed him in court on Wednesday and he used K-Y Jelly to taunt his almost-murderer. Kevin Rojas, 21, was sentenced to life in prison for almost killing the undercover detective, whose name has not been identified, and his teen son.

“I brought a little gift for you,” the detective told Rojas at his sentencing hearing, according to Action News Jax, while pulling out a bottle of lubricant. “You will need it where you are going.”

The incident happened when the undercover officer was driving his 14-year-old son to school last year. He wasn’t on duty, but he was wearing a ballistic vest with the text “police” on it, WTLV reports. The cop spotted a Cadillac driving recklessly, driven by Rojas, who was 19 at the time. He attempted to pull over Rojas, who was fleeing a domestic dispute with his live-in

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