Attorney: Murder Charge Of Sister Accused Of Driving Off Cliff To Kill Twin Should Be Dropped

Alexandria Duval (nee Alison Dadow) is being accused of killing her twin sister after a car in which both of them drove off a cliff. Alexandria survived the crash with minor injuries; her lawyers are now arguing that the charges against her should be dropped.

According to People, the defense is attempting to argue that testimony given by a detective in a grand jury hearing was incorrect. Duval’s lawyers claim that a witness to the crash said that he saw the passenger pulling the driver’s hair with both hands, but a detective testified that the witness had said the passenger had stopped pulling the driver’s hair by the time the vehicle was jolting over the cliff’s edge.

Before the crash, Alexandria and her sister Anastasia Duval (nee Ann Dadow) had owned and operated a chain of yoga studios in Florida. The two had moved and changed their names after going bankrupt.

“They were very well

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