Corinna Slusser’s Aunt Believes She Was a ‘Call Girl’ Who Was Killed Or Abducted After Attempting To Go Home

A missing 19-year-old who may have been working as a “call girl,” according to a family member, called her mother to say she wanted to leave New York and return to her small-town home in Pennsylvania the day before all communication with friends and family stopped. Police believe Corinna Slusser was kidnapped and may have entered into a human trafficking ring after being lured to New York City and beginning to work as a “call girl,” Slusser’s aunt, Julie Anne Becker-Calfa, told

Corinna still has not been heard from since the last documented sighting of her in Queens on September 20, the New York Police Department told Corinna was reported missing by relatives on Sept. 12. While the NYPD declined to describe the case in greater detail, Slusser’s aunt said before she went missing she got involved in the wrong crowd at home in Pennsylvania and later moved to New York

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