Trio Dresses Up Overdosing Friend In Sunglasses Before Strangling …

Three people from Pennsylvania are accused of heartlessly strangling a 21-year-old man who was overdosing on heroin before dressing him up with a hat and sunglasses and dumping his body in the woods.

Joshua Rose, 21, died in August. First, he overdosed at a home in Scranton. Preston Layfield, 19, Tyler Mirabelli, 22, and Amanda Wayda, 20, allegedly dressed him up so that he looked alive before putting him in a car, according to WNEP-TV. Then, they all took a drive. They even stopped for gas.  

“Bottom line, they drove right past a hospital and continued north on I-81,” Pennsylvania State Police Corporal Mark Prushinski said. “At this time, we are not sure why they did that.”

Instead of seeking out medical attention, the trio allegedly put a plastic bag over Rose’s head, strangling him with a pair of jumper cables.

“Wayda said that she knew Rose was alive prior to the

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