Man Accused Of Killing Spree Wrote Cryptic Message In Victim’s Blood

Police arrested a 22-year-old Florida man in late October on charges that he killed three victims and targeted two others, People magazine reported.

On Oct. 27, police found the body of Derick Westley Tucker, 46, on the ground near a storage unit and next to a hacksaw and machete covered in blood. The killer used Tucker’s blood to write a strange message: “4 Stop Wait Time.”

Later that day, police arrested security guard Nathaniel Maurice Petgrave in the murder, and charged him with two other deaths.

Investigators believe the “4” in the bloody message was a reference to the number of people Petgrave believe he had killed; one of the victims recovered after being shot in the neck, police said.

Petgrave, who was homeless, had ammunition in a makeshift camp matching the bullet casings from one of the murder scenes, investigators claimed. Detectives allegedly found Petgrave in a stolen black pickup truck.

Police claim

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