German Serial Killer Nurse May Have Killed At Least 100 People

A German nurse already convicted for killing two of his patients is now suspected of killing 102 people, a total that would make him the deadliest serial killer in Germany since the Nazis.

Niels Hoegel, who currently serving a life sentence for the two deaths he was convicted for, reportedly admitted to deliberately injecting his patients with toxic amounts of a cardiovascular medicine and then trying to revive them, in order to seem heroic, Reuters reported. Of course, many of the alleged resuscitations failed.

Police said in August that the nurse said could not remember all the details of his behavior, resulting in them exhuming the remains of 134 people in order to re-examine how they died.

Now, police said that they believe the suspect killed 100 people at two clinics in northern Germany between 1999 and 2005, in addition to the two deaths for which he was already convicted, Read more at: