Why Our Current Political Climate May Be Reason We’re All So Obsessed With True Crime Docs

Why are people so into true crime documentaries these days?

Oxygen spoke to forensic psychologist Joni Johnston who theorized that it may have something to do with our political climate.

“During times of social unrest [and] cultural change, it makes sense that we are interested in material in which there are good guys and bad guys and we see a resolution by the end of the show,” she said.

Johnston said that people have a personal investment in today’s true crime, because of the way it is depicted. 

“Today’s true crime shows are more likely to tackle issues of social importance (wrongful convictions, racial imbalances in the criminal justice system, the politics of crime) than the previously sensationalized focus on glitz and glamorizing the actual deeds and participants,” she said. Johnston went on to say that during times of social unrest, we look for ways to distract ourselves from the underlying anxiety that we

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