Man Allegedly Beats Elderly Uber Driver With Hockey Stick

A 39-year-old man allegedly beat an elderly Uber driver with a hockey stick in New York City on Saturday, resulting in the driver’s death.

According to PIX11, Kohji Kosugi walked up to 68-year-old Randolph Tolk’s car and engaged in an argument with him through Tolk’s passenger side window. Then, Kosugi allegedly hit the car with a hockey stick. Tolk got out of his car, a fight ensued and Kosugi allegedly hit Tolk with the hockey stick in the head until he fell to the ground, according to the New York Times. Then, Kosugi allegedly stepped on Tolk’s chest before walking away. After the assault, Tolk got into his car and started driving away. Ten blocks later, he crashed his car into a divider. A witness who watched the assault followed Tolk until he crashed. He dialed 911. Tolk, a grandfather, was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.