Video Shows Kidnapped Woman Escape Trunk Of Car After Alleged Abductor Stops For Gas

Surveillance footage captured the remarkable moment of a kidnapping victim in Alabama escaping from the trunk of her alleged abductor’s car. After the attacker stopped for gas, she was able to open the trunk from the inside.

Timothy Wyatt, 36, allegedly entered the woman’s home in the middle of the night Monday and began to choke her as she slept. When the victim woke up, Wyatt allegedly demanded money before tying her hands behind her back and forcing her into a Ford Taurus. According to NBC4i, Wyatt threatened to stab the victim as they drove. At some point, he allegedly forced her into the trunk.

While stopping at a gas station, the victim managed to escape the trunk, authorities said. According to Inside Edition, she untied her hands before using the emergency latch from inside the trunk. Surveillance video reveals the dramatic moment the victim pushed open the trunk, jumped

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