‘Cold Blooded’ and More New True Crime TV Shows You Can’t Miss

8. Alias Grace, Nov. 3

Fans of The Handmaid’s Tale might be interested in checking out Alias Grace, which is another show based on a novel by Margaret Atwood. Although Atwood’s 1996 book is historical fiction, it’s about the real-life murders of Thomas Kinnear, a farmer, and Nancy Montgomery, his housekeeper. James McDermott, a stablehand, and Grace Marks, a 16-year-old maid, were convicted of the murders in 1843.

The case earned a lot of media attention at the time, especially because of how young Grace Marks was. It also earned a lot of attention because of how many unanswered questions there were about Marks’ involvement, with many believing her to have no role in the killings at all.

The new Netflix show is a direct adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s novel, and it therefore features many of the same fictionalized elements, including the presence of a doctor who interviews Grace as she maintains that she can not remember the death of Kinnear

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