‘Cold Blooded’ and More New True Crime TV Shows You Can’t Miss

6. Criminal Confessions, currently airing

If you make your way through The Confession Tapes and are hungry for more, there’s actually another show out this fall about confessions. Oxygen’s new documentary series Criminal Confessions is also about the process through which police achieve confessions from suspects.

However, in this one, the confessions are presented as being legitimate and not coerced in the way that those in The Confession Tapes are. The documentary places viewers in the point of view of the investigators, featuring interviews with police officers and detectives who talk about how they get a suspected criminal to confess.

Criminal Confessions joins Cold Justice as our second series from Dick Wolf, offering armchair detectives at home the thrilling opportunity to watch as both a case, and a confession, come to a head,” Oxygen Media’s Executive Vice President Rod Aissa told Deadline ahead of the premiere. “The series celebrates the skill and talent of the amazing detectives who are

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