‘Cold Blooded’ and More New True Crime TV Shows You Can’t Miss

13. I Am Elizabeth Smart, Nov. 18

Coming this November, I Am Elizabeth Smart is a Lifetime movie telling the true story of the abduction of a 14-year-old girl in Salt Lake City, Utah. On the evening of June 5, 2002, Brian David Mitchell entered Smart’s bedroom and kidnapped her, with a search effort soon getting underway and lasting for about nine months. After police discovered her and brought her home to her family, Smart said that her kidnapper, who raped her every day, had grand religious delusions and believed himself to be doing the work of God.

I Am Elizabeth Smart is not a documentary but rather a dramatization of the events that ocurred during Smart’s nine-month abduction. Viewers can rest assured that the film is true to life, as Smart herself produced it. She told reporters in July that the movie is “so well done and accurate.”

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