5 Of The Most Shocking Moments From The Jeffrey Dahmer Trial …

On February 19, 1992 Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms in prison after he confessed to killing, dismembering and sometimes eating 17 boys and men. As Wisconsin no death penalty, it was the maximum sentence allowed. The three-week long trial had no shortage of sad and unsettling moments. Here are some of the most shocking.

On November 11, Oxygen will air a special two-night event, Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks, with new revelations about the infamous serial killer.

1. When a victim’s sibling lunged at Dahmer

Nine relatives of Dahmer’s victims spoke on the stand to describe the pain they’ve endured because of the serial killer’s actions. The statements were heartbreaking, but none more than Rita Isbell’s (which starts at 2:19 in the video below.) Dahmer killed her brother Errol Lindsey and Isbell’s grief erupted into an emotional outburst.

“Whatever your name is, Satan! I don’t ever want to

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