Quinton Tellis Will Be Retried For Jessica Chambers’ Murder, District Attorney Says

A District Attorney said Tuesday Quinton Tellis will be retried in Mississippi for the death of 19-year-old Jessica Chambers, who was set on fire, before going to Louisiana to face additional charges.

Tellis is facing life in prison for Chambers’ death, but a hung jury in Batesville, Mississippi put his fate into the hands of a whole new trial and set of jurors on Monday. Not only will he face a new round of Mississippi jurors, but he could also be facing a trial in Louisiana.

The same year Chambers was killed, another young woman, University of Louisiana student Ming-Chen Hsiao, was stabbed in her apartment. Tellis is being charged with her murder, but his defense attorneys said they won’t know what’s next for Tellis at the time the Chambers trial concluded Monday.

“The best thing I know is that he is not indicted in that area and we don’t know anything about

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