Man Attacks Wife, Mother-In-Law With Meat Cleaver After Release From Mental Health Evaluation

A Burlington, Vermont man who was just released from a hospital after asking for a mental-health evaluation has allegedly killed his wife on Thursday with a meat cleaver outside their home. Aita Gurung, 34, is accused of also severely injuring his mother-in-law in the attack.

Yogeswari Khadka, 32, died in the attack after suffering severe head and skull injuries. Her mother, Thulsa Rimal, 54, is in critical condition as of Thursday night.

Gurung’s and Khadka’s 8-year-old child was unhurt, as reported by Seven Days. The child was at school at the time of the deadly assault, which began not long after Gurung was released from the hospital. It started around 2:30 p.m. in the family’s kitchen and the violence soon spilled out into the street, where neighbors attempted to intervene. An armed bystander was able to detain Gurung until police arrived, according to the Burlington Free Press. Burlington Police Chief

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