Coach Of 14-Year-Old Cheerleader Killed By Secret Boyfriend Says …

A cheerleader’s death has shocked her high school coach and team in Texas. Tristan Dilley, 14, was found shot in her bed on Sunday and her coach from Silsbee High School is speaking out about how it’s affected the team. “It has shaken our team to its core,” shared Danielle Wehmyer with People.

“Tristan is the type of person when she’s gone, you feel the void,” coach Danielle Wehmeyer says. “What has happened to Tristan is unimaginable and has shaken our team to its very core. My girls will miss their teammate, their sister, and their friend. I will miss my cheerleader.”

The freshman was found dead in her bed by her 13-year-old brother from gunshot wounds. Authorities investigated and found that she had a secret relationship with an older man, 19-year-old Paul Audrey Adams, while looking through the teen’s phone and Facebook account.

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