Soldier Accused Of Removing Parts To Wife’s Parachute To Be With Tinder GF

An Army sergeant in the United Kingdom is accused of trying to kill his wife in a dramatic parachute incident. According to BBC37-year-old Emilie Cilliers is accused of two counts of attempted murder of his former wife Victoria. She survived the jump on April 5, 2015 but endured multiple injuries. 

Authorities assert that Cilliers wanted to leave his wife for a woman he met on Tinder. They also claim he wanted to cash out a life insurance payout of £120,000 for her death, to cover his own debts of £22,000.

The incident occurred when the wife, who is an experienced parachutist and instructor, jumped out of the plane some  above Netheravon Airfield. She realized that “both her main parachute and her reserve parachute failed.”

The prosecutor shared, “Those at the scene immediately realised that something was seriously wrong with her reserve parachute, two vital pieces of equipment which

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