Pick gains rights to new NBCUniversal crime docs

Three Days to Live looks at abduction cases in the USA, where the first 72 hours after a kidnapping prove crucial to a victim’s chances of survival. Using re-enactments and first-hand interviews, each hour-long episode delves into the hunt for a missing person. The show gives viewers rare insight into this critical timeframe, following the detectives who are working against the clock to save the victim. Each mystery is unravelled, and viewers will witness justice being served, no matter the outcome.

Homicide For The Holidays delves into the twists, turns and tell-alls that reveal how the Christmas holiday season can be. For most, the period between Christmas and New Year means bringing family and friends together to create joyous memories to last a lifetime, but for others, it’s a time where emotions run high, anger and animosity set in and can spark an explosive combination of simmering resentments and volatile secrets.

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