15-Year-Old Girl Has Father Murdered Because He Disapproved Of Her Boyfriend

Police in Medford, Oregon say a 15-year-old girl arranged to have her father killed because he disapproved of her relationship with her 19-year-old boyfriend. Ellen Friar was taken into custody Monday, along with her boyfriend Gavin MacFarlane, and associate Russell Jones, 22, for the murder of 50-year-old Aaron Friar, according to CBS affiliate KTVL 10.

Though only 15, police say Ellen Friar will be triad as an adult.

Early Monday morning, police were sent to the Friar’s home to perform a welfare check. According to ABC affiliate KDRV 12, police discovered signs of a break-in to the Friar’s home where they discovered scenes of a “disturbance,” as well as a missing vehicle. Later that morning they found the dead body of Aaron Friar, dumped on a dirt road, as well as his abandoned car. The suspects were soon found walking nearby and detained.

According to friends, Ellen Friar’s

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