Strangers On Social Media Help Reunite Mom With 5-Year-Old Son After Las Vegas Shooting

Social media helped a family reunite with their 5-year-old boy after the chaos that erupted from the Las Vegas shootings pushed him away from the group, ABC News reported.

Aden Huser and his aunt were watching Jason Aldean perform when shots rang out. His mother and sister had gone to the bathroom just a few moments before. The crowd stampeded and pushed the 5-year-old boy away from his aunt, leaving his family fearing the worst for two long hours.

Fifty-nine people were killed and more than 520 people were injured in the melée at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Doris Huser, Aden’s mother, said she felt “hopeless and helpless” during those two hours, fearing that her son was dead, but tried to stay strong for her 8-year-old daughter, according to ABC.

Lindsey Rogers, 26, found Aden in the merchandise tent, and made the split-second decision to run with the young boy.


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