October 3, 1849: Edgar Allan Poe Found In A State Of Delirium, Dies 4 Days Later

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On October 3rd, 1849, iconic American writer Edgar Allan Poe was found in a state of delirium outside of a tavern in Baltimore, Maryland. He had been missing for a week and died four days later. The gothic writer’s appearance was described as “repulsive” at the time of the incident.

The exact cause of Poe’s death has remained a mystery. His death certificate has been lost, if it ever existed. It remains inconclusive whether he died from suicide, alcoholism, or from medical conditions which included hypoglycemia. Some have since theorized foul play was involved.

Friends who attempted to revive Poe back to health following the October 3rd incident noted that he called out for “Reynolds” numerous times in his state of half-consciousness. No one has ever determined who — or what — Reynolds could be.


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