Librarian Found Dead In Closet After Solo Sex Game Goes Horribly Wrong

A librarian has been found dead following a solo sex game gone wrong.

According to the New York Post38-year-old Simon Smith of the United Kingdom was discovered wearing a mask over his head with his body inside a cupboard.

A former funeral director, he is believed to have been killed following an “extremely dangerous” game of “breath play.” Categorized as autoerotic asphyxiation, the act is when a person intentionally restricts oxygen to the brain for the purposes of sexual arousal.

Authorities got involved in the investigation on May 26 when Smith did not appear at his job at a library in Milford Haven. They went to his home in Fishguard and found him in the cupboard in a black leather mask. The coroner, Mark Layton, says that Smith did not want to kill himself, and it was an accident, reports New York Post. “There is nothing to suggest that this was an attempt

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