Police Make Eerie New Connection Between Delphi Teens Killed On Hike And Latest Person Of Interest

Police arrested a person of interest in the unsolved murders of two Delphi teens last week, police confirmed Friday as their search for the attacker continues.

Daniel Nations, 31, was homeless and living under bridges in Morgan County — the same area Abby Williams and Libby German went missing on February 14. Williams and German’s bodies were found near Monon High Bridge, in an area about 1.5 hours from where Nations was living at the time.  

German and Williams’ family dropped them off in the area for a hike near Deer Creek on February 13, who were 13 and 14 at the time, respectively. Their family became worried when the girls did not return from their hike at the time they’d agreed upon. Their bodies were found the next day about a mile away from where they’d been dropped off. Police have yet to release information on how the girls were

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