Kathy Griffin Shows Off Creepy Portrait A Menendez Brother Painted Her In Prison On Kim K’s Snapchat

On Saturday, Kim Kardashian West posted a Snapchat of Kathy Griffin showing her a portrait of herself painted by Erik Menendez, one of the Menendez Brothers sentenced to life in prison for killing their parents in 1989.

“Alright guys, I’m here with my neighbor, ” West declared in the video, as reported by PEOPLE.  Everyone in the clip had a rainbow animal ear filter over their face, including the creepy portrait itself.

“Kathy Griffin,” Griffin introduced herself. “I have short hair, it’s a long story. And a painting done by — what were we watching the other night?”

“The Menendez special,” Kardashian said, focusing her cell phone on the painting. “Look who painted this for her.”

“From prison, yeah,” Griffin said.

In 2010, Griffin went on “Larry King Live” to discuss the “killer” portrait.

“Kathy Griffin has some unusual fans. Some even send her gifts. You brought an example with you. Give us the

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