Heartwarming Video Shows Couple Turning Truck Into Makeshift Ambulance For Las Vegas Shooting Survivors

A new video has surfaced in the aftermath of the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday, showing people helping one another in the midst of chaos.

In the clip, shown on CNN, people driving a pick-up transformed their vehicle into a makeshift ambulance to drive bleeding victims to a nearby hospital.

Lindsay Padgett and Mike Jay, an engaged couple, were the drivers of the truck.

“We heard the shots, we didn’t realize what it was,” Padgett told ABC News. She was filming recording the aftermath when a man approached the truck.

“We need your truck. We need to get people over to the hospital,” the man said.

“Put them all in the back,” she replied. “Put them all in my truck.”

More stories of heroism are emerging. According to ABC News, some concert-goers helped the injured by making makeshift stretchers out of police barricades. Others reportedly used their bare hands and pieces

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