More Bedlam at Bellum Entertainment: Labor Commission Investigating Numerous Unpaid-Wage Claims

Some 50 employees of Bellum Entertainment have filed wage claims against the company with the California Labor Commissioner. The company even stiffed former FBI agents and ex-cops who appeared as experts on its true-crime shows, and Bellum’s former vice president – the nephew of its owner – says he’s owed money too.

“The claims mostly allege non-payment of wages and have been filed by actors, producers, crew members and others,” said Paola Laverde, a spokeswoman for the Labor Commissioner’s office. “Some have settled and some have not and are in different stages of the wage claim process.”

It Takes a Killer

Bellum, the Burbank-based producer of reality such shows as It Takes a Killer, Corrupt Crimes, I Married a Murderer and Bizarre Murders, has been having trouble meeting its payroll since June, when CEO Mary Carole McDonnell told

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