Terrifying Video Shows Moment Abducted Woman Is Forced To Marry Kidnapper In Las Vegas Chapel

Surveillance footage of a Las Vegas wedding chapel released by police shows the moment a woman was allegedly forced into marriage by the man who kidnapped her, Inside Edition reports.

In the footage, Joseph Hetzel, 52, kisses and holds Virginia Paris, 55, tightly. At one point, he puts his arm tightly around the back of her neck.

Paris told Inside Edition she was afraid that Hetzel might kill her, and tried to escape the chapel during the wedding but was blocked by her alleged captor, who had been an acquaintance of hers before the abduction.

According to Paris, she was leaving her job at a California retirement home when a car cut her off. The driver of the car, Hetzel, jumped into her car and ordered her to drive to Las Vegas, she claimed.

“I kept asking him to stop,” she told Inside Edition. “It was just horrible.”

After the wedding, Hetzel and Paris drove

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