BF Who Killed Pregnant Teacher Was Engaged To Other Woman, Sent Bizarre Texts Claiming He Wasn’t Baby’s Father

It has been revealed that the boyfriend of the pregnant Maryland teacher who was found dead in a shallow grave, was engaged to another woman. On Wednesday, Tyler Tessier was arrested and charged with Laura Wallen’s murder.

According to the Associated Press, police are now saying that Tessier was engaged to another woman at the time of the award-winning teacher’s death. In fact, Tessier has allegedly already admitted that.

The Montgomery County State’s Attorney said Thursday that both women thought that their relationship with Tessier was exclusive. Prosecutors said Tessier was pretty much homeless, and that he lived at both women’s homes and the friend’s property where Wallen’s body was later found.

According to court documents, Wallen sent a text message to the other woman on August 28. It read, “It’s important that some things are cleared up and I would imagine that if you were in my position, you’d want

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