Guy’s Live-Tweets On Going To See ‘It’ Movie And Being Greeted With Horrifying Surprise Go Viral

The new “It” movie, an adaptation from the terrifying Stephen King novel, has hit theaters and so have superfans.

Last week, one moviegoer in England ran into this unsettling surprise:

The man, who goes by the name Chris and identifies as an online gamer, tweeted his interactions with the clown in the theater. The clown outfit was a nod to Pennywise, the demonic killer clown from the film and horror novel.

One woman replied to tweet, stating that she works at the cinema. She revealed she was behind the stunt, and she put makeup on an actor for the event.

This definitely wasn’t the first creepy stunt pulled to celebrate the release of the creepy film. A police department in Pennslyvania has admitted to being “completely terrified” after a prankster tied red balloons onto sewer grates around the

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