Serial Killer Superfan Arrested For Murdering Mom, Stuffing Her In 55-Gallon Drum: ‘Mama’s Under The Porch’

An Alabama man is accused of murder after authorities found a 55-gallon drum containing a female body buried under his porch, Inside Edition reports.

“OK, my mama’s under the porch. Y’all got me,” Nathaniel Sebastian, 32, allegedly said to deputies who went to the house with a search warrant after his mother went missing.

Sebastian was charged with murder, abuse of a corpse, and promoting prison contraband after police found a homemade handcuff key in his mouth during booking.

Though police have not formally identified the corpse, Sebastian’s mother, Susan Mayo, 60, was reported missing June 17 by her other children. 

She lived with Sebastian, who was reportedly a big fan of John Wayne Gacy, an Illinois serial killer who buried his victims under his house. Gacy was executed in 1994 after being found responsible for dozens of murders.

Sebastian had talked about Gacy on Facebook and even discussed the serial killer with a

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