77-Year-Old Man Arrested After He’s Caught Raping Step-Granddaughter In Snapchat Videos

A 77-year-old man has been arrested and charged with felony rape. Authorities allege that he is seen in two Snapchat videos raping his 20-year-old stepgrandaughter.

According to BuzzFeedJames Allen was arrested in Texas. The crime was reported by a man who saw the Snapchat videos and called the police about the assault. 

Officers then arrived at the home and placed Allen under arrest. “The most upsetting thing about this is that this is her step-grandfather,”  Danbury Township Police Chief Michael S. Meisler said. “He married her biological grandmother. He was the one who provided her with the alcohol that evening.”

According to Yahoo! Allen was charged with one count of rape after authorities saw the social media video, per Ottawa County Prosecutor James VanEerten. The prosecutor said that it wasn’t clear whether the assault was live-streamed or the video was uploaded afterward.

Allen is being held at Ottawa County Jail in lieu of a $1 million

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